Pulse Tip: Launching Pulse from Mobile Safari 6

Launching Junos Pulse from Mobile Safari

The iPhone platform provides a mechanism whereby applications can register custom URL formats with the system. When other applications call APIs to “launch” URLs with these special formats, the application associated with the URL format will be launched. This mechanism can be used to launch applications from web pages displayed in Mobile Safari.

The VPN client application will register a custom URL format with the following form:


When this URL is “launched” by Safari or some other application, the following will occur:

  1. The Pulse application will be launched.
  2. If a tunnel is not already running and the “action” in the URL is “start”:
    • If no configuration with a URL matching the host and path specified in the launch URL is already configured, the user will be taken to the “Add configuration” screen where they can define the appropriate configuration. If there is already a configuration with the correct URL, that configuration will be enabled.
    • If there are session cookies specified in the launch URL, a new tunnel will be established with the given session cookies.
    • If there are no session cookies specified in the launch URL, the login window will be shown and the user will be taken through the login process. After the login process completes, the tunnel will be started.
  3. If the tunnel is already running then nothing will be done.

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6 thoughts on “Pulse Tip: Launching Pulse from Mobile Safari

  • KevinPeterson Post author

    The use case is basically that a customer would build a web page (most likely an external portal) that includes links to specific applications. Of course these applications are protected and need Pulse to gain access, but users still find it easier to launch them via a bookmark, which is where this comes in. By clicking on this specifically crafted bookmark, Mobile Safari will kickoff the Pulse session. A few customers came forward to ask about this, which is why I tracked the details down from a colleague and posted them here.

  • Chris

    Not quite the same topic, but are there any updates on Pulse for Nokia/Symbian? I’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the E7 to come out, now that it is around the corner, I’m hoping the VPN support for Juniper will be there as well?

  • Paul Lowther

    This is just what I was looking for as it allows us to pre-configure links to our SA clusters, since we have a US and UK entry point. The one thing that is missing, is the ability to “name” the links, so the user doesn’t have to. My aim, since all our users are potentially road-warriors is to publish an accessible web site, provide all the information for the apps to install and links to configure them.

    Citrix did a similar thing with their Receiver app but added a “pname” variable so that you could name the configuration, where more than one may be needed. Is this something that could be added or passed on. I tried a few iterations but Pulse didn’t like it.

    This would be VERY handy for large orgs, and especially for me where we are going to add a 3rd cluster in Asia.