Meet the First Phone to Include Junos Pulse with SSL VPN! 6

A few days back I dropped a hint on how to get ahead of the game and get layer 3 VPN access with Junos Pulse on your Android device.  Today things shift into higher gear with the introduction of the latest in the Samsung mobile lineup.  As reported over at BGR, Pulse with full built-in SSL VPN functionality is now a reality.

Samsung is enhancing enterprise capabilities of the GALAXY Note through its partnership with Juniper Networks. Juniper’s Junos Pulse SSL VPN provides secure remote access to corporate network resources. The SSL VPN enables large enterprise and service providers to meet high-volume secure access and authorization requirements, protecting corporate data with centralizes control and supporting employees’ personal device efficiently.”


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6 thoughts on “Meet the First Phone to Include Junos Pulse with SSL VPN!

  • KevinPeterson Post author

    Zane – Nothing new to share on that front. On-demand is actually initiated on the iOS device with the help of client-certificates and I’m not even sure if Apple has a way to interrupt the connection sequence to prompt for credentials. If you think I might be missing something though (quite possible), please send me an e-mail with whatever details you might be able to share.

  • KevinPeterson Post author

    @Steff – Even if I knew, I really could’t say out in the open. Samsung has to reply to whatever their roadmap might look like, or at the very least only disclosed under the terms of an active NDA and with the permission of both parties.

  • Laurent

    Hi Kevin,
    do you know if the Junos Pulse software used on Galaxy Note tab was specifically developped for it ?
    As L3 VPN is operationnel on Gingerbread 2.3.5 on Galaxy Note, may we expect that this Pulse version will work on other devices running the same version of Android ?
    Thanks for your answer

  • Mike

    Hi Kevin,
    I’ve also been successful with running the Junos Pulse for Samsung app on the Galaxy S II and the S2 Skyrocket whereas the standard Junos Pulse app would not allow me to connect. The app for Samsung devices loads smoothly and runs and connects very stable. Not so much with the Nexus. Doesn’t look to be compatible with ICS but hopeful there’s a compatible version in the works??